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In March, 2018 at the Celebration of Life event in Yountville Keith Armstrong speaks about colleagues who were killed and why this matters to all of us.

In December, 2016 Keith Armstrong was interviewed by Cheryl Jennings of ABC TV. To view this interview go to the 11:15 minute mark of the video.

VA Goes to College to Bring Services to Student Veterans

Keith Armstrong recognized as the 2013 VA Social Worker of the year. Carol Sheets, National VA Director of Social Work states "The VA Social Worker of the Year award celebrates the accomplishments of a gifted social worker who exhibits exemplary service in the performance of his/her job, builds links between individuals and groups in the organization, thinks and acts innovatively, exceeds the needs of internal and external customers, and demonstrates outstanding competency in his/her job. Keith has made major contributions to the professional practice of Social Work and to patient care. He has created and implemented innovative and new programs such as developing the first VA mental health clinic on a community college campus (City of College of San Francisco Veterans Outreach Program) that pre-dated the Veterans Integration of Academic Leadership (VITAL) program. He has developed new models of service delivery providing treatment for families and couples. Keith has established strong networks with community partners and is a top notch clinical professor at University of California, San Francisco. His publications "Courage After Fire" and "Courage After Fire for Parents" are highly valued in supporting our returning Servicemembers/Veterans and their families. We want to acknowledge Keith´s leadership for his significant contributions to the profession of Social Work and to patient care."

Keith Armstrong mentioned on Fox and Friends

7/25/13 Keith Armstrong participated on a panel entitled Life After War: How California Veterans and Their Families Cope.

"I think I have seen every kind of book possible here at Walter Reed. I have seen romance novels, science fiction, murder mystery, and even a few touchy feely self-help books. There are several books out there that address PTSD, several more that address healing family relations, but I have seen ZERO books here at Walter Reed that are as in depth as this one."
Courage After Fire Praised in Walter Reed Blog
Walter Reed Hospital Blogspot

Interviewed by The Nation, Courage After Fire co-author Keith Armstrong comments on how families are very important in helping soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder . . . "They bring in particular information that can be helpful," he says. "By not taking advantage of their knowledge and support, I think we're doing soldiers a disservice."
A Specialist's Benefits and Family

Courage After Fire co-author Keith Armstrong is interviewed for comments on new military website to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder . . . "If a large portion of your population won't step foot into a therapist's office in the first place, maybe this is the precursor to therapy that's necessary."
Military goes online to stem troop suicide

"The Department of Veterans Affairs is doing more to help veterans and their families after deployment. Research and resources abound, and books like Courage After Fire can help our troops and their families to see that readjustment problems are common and can improve through family and professional support."
Bob Dole Op Ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer
"Now, Returning Vets can get the help they need."

"Courage After Fire" should also be available in unit ready rooms and tactical operations centers as well as on coffee tables in servicemembers' homes.
REVIEW: Courage After Fire: A guide to picking up the pieces

"Suzanne Best, a clinical psychologist in Portland, does research and treats people showing signs of mental distress in the wake of military service in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom..."
Therapist's book helps soldiers fight war at home

Media Archive

7/10/06 National Tara Crooks, host of Army Wife Talk Radio, interviews Keith Armstrong about the impact of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder on returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their loved ones.
6/15/06 Bay Area, CA Susannah Baldwin, host of Parent Talk, interviews co-author Keith Armstrong about Courage After Fire and the current challenges Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their loved ones face after returning from war.
3/6/06 San Francisco, CA

CAF co-author Keith Armstrong spoke with KSFO's Melanie Morgan on March 6 2006.


KINK Radio: Portland, OR

CAF co-author Suzanne Best discusses Courage After Fire on the Portland radio program "Speaking Freely," hosted by Sheila Hamilton.
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1/15/06 KCBS Radio: San Francisco, CA CAF co-author Keith Armstrong discusses the difficulties faced by soldiers coming home from war.